Feb 2020: Jeff and Nikki present talks at SPIE Photonics West on TF-OCM and PF-OCE

Jeffrey A. Mulligan, Lu Ling, Claudia Fischbach-Tesch, Steven G. Adie, “4D traction force optical coherence microscopy for the analysis of tumor spheroid growth and invasion in collagen”.

Nichaluk Leartprapun, Yuechuan Lin, and Steven G. Adie, “Photonic force optical coherence elastography for spectroscopic microrheological quantification of hydrogel viscoelasticity”.

Oct 2019: Nikki’s ARF-OCE paper published in Biomedical Optics Express!

The paper, entitled “Spatial localization of mechanical excitation affects spatial resolution, contrast, and contrast-to-noise ratio in acoustic radiation force optical coherence elastography“, shows that localized ARF excitation with a smaller acoustic focal spot size results in strain elastograms with superior spatial resolution, contrast, and contrast-to-noise ratio.